We’re looking for new and established authors to join the JK Publishing family and currently seeking books in the New Age Contemporary (which includes but is not limited to: Rocker, MC, Sports, gritty/edgy stories, etc.) and LGBT category (MM, FF, MMF, FFM, etc.).


 JK Publishing prides itself on providing a family atmosphere.  We support one another without discrimination, and welcome authors published at other houses as long as the work submitted has not been published previously, or is part of a series owned under copy rights by another publisher.  Exclusive authors do not receive privileges or special treatment. 

You never pay to have your book published with us.  There are no up front or out of pocket costs to you. Upon final acceptance, your book will be edited, assigned an ISBN, and our cover artist will create an eye-catching cover.  It will be available for sale through our site and also sold at most distributors.


Books will be offered in print. (Excludes Bite Size stories unless combined into an Anthology.)


Regular Submissions 20,000 words to 100,000+ words

Bite Size: 3,000 to 20,000


Your book should be thoroughly edited before submitting.  We want to see books that have well developed plots, strong conflicts, memorable characters and dialogue.  Spelling and common formatting should be done before submission.


NO pedophilia, bestiality, incest, infidelity, rape as titillation, necrophilia, underage sex, or bodily functions allowed.  Content will be at the publisher’s digression. Authors must be over 18 years of age to submit their work.


To Submit:

Send a inquiry email with your name, pen name (if applicable), working title, word count, genre and any previous writing credits to:  jkpsub3@cableone.net.    Please add “SUBMISSION” to the subject field. Please be sure to include a good email and contact information.  If interested, notification will be made either via phone or email.


We will make a decision on your submission within two to five weeks. If you have not received a response after five weeks, please contact us.




These guidelines will be updated as needed.